I think it's really miserable. From the dormitory to the teaching building, there should be a blank in the brain. Our classroom is on the fifth floor. Even if we take the elevator, we have to catch up. It seems that it's hard to find the vitality. Somehow this time, my friend passed the test, but the whole class saw the funny appearance of wearing clothes in reverse, which was a bit embarrassing. In other words, roll call has the function of gathering people together, but this lesson sounds insipid, even worse than chicken ribs. Lying on the desk and sleeping for a while, I felt dizzy, like being poisoned by colorless and tasteless poison. Suddenly, I remembered that I had been named three times last week, and I suddenly woke up a lot. I recalled for a long time, and finally remembered: "Oh, I was ordered three times last week, once by the Counselor's class, once by the psychology teacher's boyfriend (boyfriend is her substitute), and another time, but his mother was really miserable, and was given a point by the Department's student Union. I've been capped three times in a week, so it's on the list It's said that the student union of the Department has set it on fire, and a notice will be given to warn. At that time, I was really shocked to hear this, but later I thought: "I'm not famous in the Department, so I had a chance, how can I miss it, hehe! It's a little rare! " To tell you the truth, the name calling and the announcement add some rubbish to formalism.